Pronex has an established test department to support the validation phases of landward product development.

  • Stress / Strain measurements
  • Noise measurements
  • Vibration measurements
  • Test driving and evaluation
  • Cooling tests
  • Retarder tests
  • Acceleration and braking tests
  • Suspension tests
  • Dynamic handling tests
  • Obstacle tests
  • Ergonomic tests
  • Automotive electrical tests
  • Homologation / Road legislation tests
  • Apart from vehicle tests, Pronex, in collaboration with accredited test facilities, often conducts ballistic and landmine tests on engineering representative samples.
  • Pronex is an ISO 17025 certified test authority accredited by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS).
  • ISO 17025 certification is the single most important standard for calibration as well as testing laboratories around the world
  • OEM cooling and sign-off tests.
  • Gradient and slope hold capability.
  • Step climbing, ditch crossing and fording.
  • Acceleration, braking and top speed.
  • Ride comfort and dynamic handling.
  • Dynamic and static side slopes.
  • Fuel consumption and range.
  • EC braking tests.
  • Mission profile definition of vehicle.
  • Rapid onsite repair of failures & access to manufacturing services.
  • Continuous monitoring of vehicle health, structural integrity & POL condition.
  • Test drivers with heavy vehicle license & military vehicle experience.
  • Ballistic tests.
  • Vehicle landmine and IED blast testing.
  • Arena fragment tests.
  • Landmine seat tests.
  • Test support in guided missile tests.
  • Hit accuracy and Gun Jump tests.
  • Sustained firing capability tests.
  • Weapon system error budget quantification.
  • Shock and vibration testing.
  • Noise and ride harshness testing.
  • Accelerated fatigue life testing.
  • Preparation of test instructions and specifications.
  • Provision of test instrumentation.
  • Test execution and management.
  • Data analysis and reporting.
  • Provision of test reports and certificates.
  • Test range management and 3rd┬áparty sub-contracting.
  • Logistic support.

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