Pronex provides a tailored Systems Engineering approach to each project to suit the customer's requirements.

A complete suite of services is available to establish the full system requirements baseline, both in technical and commercial terms, to assist the customer in deploying a structured programme, both in-house and to sub-contractors.

"Services are provided on both system
and sub-system level for landward
integration products."


  • System Breakdown Structures (WBS, SOW, HBS, CBS)
  • Concept development
  • Concept feasibility and trade-off studies
  • Baselines, reviews and audits
  • Specifications (System, Development, Test, Product)
  • Test requirements, procedures and instructions
  • System requirements validation and compliance management
  • Systems engineering plans (SEMP, TEMP, Eng Plans)
  • Commercial support (RFIs, RFPs, Export Control)
  • Quality assurance support (ATP’s, FAT’s, Commissioning Documents, etc.)


  • Functional Integration
    • System modelling and analysis
    • Allocation of performance and interface requirements
  • Integration of Specialist Areas
    • Human factors engineering
    • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability modelling (RAM)
    • Logistic engineering
    • System safety
    • EMC
  • Physical Integration
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical (harnesses, switch boxes, interlocks, power supply)
    • Electronic networks / Integration software
    • Interface control


  • Weapon system hit probability
  • Vehicle mobility performance modelling and analysis
  • Vehicle protection modelling and analysis
  • Servo controlled dynamics (turrets, weapon stations)
  • Reliability, availability and maintainability modelling
  • System effectiveness (mobility, firepower, survivability)
  • Power, Mass & CG models
  • Life cycle cost models


  • Protection requirements analysis
  • Protection definition (mine, IED, KE. CE & NBC)
  • Evaluation of protection (test requirements)
  • KE threat analysis and optimisation
  • Armour solution trade-off and optimisation
  • Mine protection design (expert resource field)


  • Mobility requirements analysis
  • Mobility definition (speeds, gradients, fording, dynamic handling, etc.)
  • Mobility evaluation and validation specs and procedures
  • Driveline modelling and analysis (mechanical & electric drive)
  • Tractive effort analysis
  • Mass and CG models


Pronex is made up of a team of experts in the design and engineering sectors, with a particular focus on experience in the landwards defence industry.
We have a network of specialist business partners and strategic suppliers that have proven track records of excellence.


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